Angelo Zappalà


An album cover is a combination of color, imagery, and typography, which creates the concept of a music artist. Here you can find selected works of my album cover designs.


‘Ciudad’ is the first EP by the alternative-rock band Pijamaros. The artwork represents light and noise. Inspired by Bogotá (Colombia’s capital) and its stories behind every corner. Released worldwide on July 20, 2019.



A.L.B.A is the first EP released by the Colombian alternative-electro band Parametro in 2020. The concept behind the artwork relies on a story that connects every song. As told by the singer of the band Ricardo Rodríguez: “This is like a personal experience of a journey that makes you a part of a constellation in the skies.”


‘Tormenta Roja’ is the first single released by the electronic band Mapanare in November 2019. The artwork is based on the story of a man who heads on a journey through a desert and encounters a red storm that will make his adventure more difficult. This was fully produced in Procreate using an iPad Pro.


Maria is a single by the drummer Juan Montaña and the bassist Nathalia Rojas released in April 2020 in all streaming platforms. This song talks about a girl who is living a nightmare while having anorexia. The red and yellow artwork will capture your eyes and will make you follow the lie this girl is living.

Music and Avant-garde

”Morning bell, light another candle, release me…” Here’s a redesigned cover of Radiohead’s fifth album: Amnesiac. Stanley Donwood made a great artwork in 2001 becoming the art that every fan remember. With my design, I tried to represent the experimental sound of the album with a technique called Synthetic Cubism, an art movement of 1912. Did you see a bell?